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Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Announces Winner of the First-Generation College Student Scholarship

First Generation College Student Scholarship

The well-respected Kadzai Law Group, LLC offers a $2,500 scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate student who is the first in their family to attend a college or university. First-generation college students often face unique challenges as they pursue a higher education. We are thrilled to provide financial assistance to one brave college student willing to leap into the unknown and strive for a college degree.

Accordingly, Kadzai Law Group, LLC proudly announces that Howard Smith, Jr., a first-generation undergraduate student studying at Savannah State University, has been named the First-Generation Scholarship winner for Fall 2023. Growing up the oldest child in his family, Howard learned from a young age what hard work and discipline meant and was eager to do his best in his circumstances.

While it would have been understandable for Howard to forgo a college education as something out of his reach, he decided to persevere through his challenging situation and move full force toward attaining a higher education.

Kadzai Law Group, LLC Secure $1.1 Million Wrongful Death Settlement


South Side of Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Kadzai Law Group, LLC recently obtained a $1.1 million settlement for a wrongful death claim against a Chicago-area nursing care facility.

A medically fragile minor with a complex medical history suffered cardiac arrest and died when her Chicagoland in-home caregiver left her unattended. The claim was brought by the parents of the minor and the facts surrounding liability were hotly contested; therefore, the details of the settlement are confidential.

Kadzai Law Group, LLC provides comprehensive legal representation to those who have lost loved ones due to another party’s negligence. Attorney David Kadzai has over 10 years of legal experience, and he is committed to advocating for your family and ensuring that the person or organization that caused your loved one’s wrongful death is held liable.

Kadzai Law Group, LLC File Lawsuit for Alleged Excessive Force Against the City of Blue Island


South Side of Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Kadzai Law Group, LLC recently filed a lawsuit for alleged Excessive Force against the city of Blue Island. Per Case # 2020 L 001642, a lawsuit was filed against the city for alleged excessive force by the police on behalf of their client who was severely injured by law enforcement officers.

Recent court documents allege that after a blowout of one of his tires, the client was stranded and attempted to seek help from the police. According to court reports, when the police officers approached the man, they slammed him to the concrete pavement on his neck and held him there while another officer went through his pockets. The man was then placed in the squad car and could not feel his arms and legs. Instead of transporting him to the emergency room, he was taken to the police station and issued a ticket for failure to have car insurance.

Per the court record, when the man was transported to the Emergency Room, it was found that he suffered a spinal cord injury that will require surgery. It is also possible that he suffered permanent nerve damage to his arms and hands.

Kadzai Law Group, LLC Secure $363,500 Premises Liability Settlement

CHICAGO, IL - JULY 9, 2020

South Side of Chicago Premises Liability Attorney

Kadzai Law Group, LLC in Chicago recently secured a six-figure settlement in a premises liability case. A native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Attorney David A. Kadzai is the founder of Kadzai Law Group, LLC. David achieves successful outcomes for his clients by understanding their unique needs and objectives. With personalized legal services, his skilled legal team meets or exceeds expectations.

A confidential settlement was reached when Defendant agreed to pay $363,500.00 to end a premises liability lawsuit after Plaintiff suffered a right foot injury and required surgery due to Defendant’s negligence when a heavy object fell on Plaintiff’s foot.

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