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Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer for Dementia Patients

Dixmoor nursing home negligence attorney Alzheimer's dementia patient injury

Attorney Addressing Mistreatment of Nursing Home Patients With Alzheimer's in Cook County

Elderly family members may be placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility because they are no longer able to care for themselves. Nursing home care is often necessary when a person suffers from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, since these conditions may make it difficult or impossible for family members to provide for their loved one's needs. Unfortunately, a person's diminished mental state can also increase the chances that they may suffer nursing home abuse.

If you suspect that your family member has suffered any form of abuse or neglect while residing in a nursing home, you should consult with Kadzai Law Group, LLC to determine how to address the harm done to them. Attorney David Kadzai has over 10 years of experience, and he will help you gather the evidence to demonstrate liability for your loved one's injuries while working to hold a negligent nursing home responsible for the damages your family has suffered.

Forms of Abuse Suffered by Dementia Patients

Sadly, nursing home residents with Alzheimer's or dementia are often targeted for abuse because a perpetrator thinks that people will not believe any claims that they make. An abuser may also blame the patient for any injuries they have suffered, claiming that a person's diminished mental capacity led them to injure themselves. Patients may also struggle to communicate and tell others about the abuse they have suffered.

Nursing home residents with dementia or Alzheimer's may experience multiple types of abuse, including:

  • Physical abuse - Nursing home staff members may take physical actions against a patient that they believe is being troublesome or difficult, including hitting, slapping, or shoving them. They may also use unnecessary physical force when moving a resident into or out of bed or assisting them with bathing, grooming, or getting dressed. In some cases, staff members may use unreasonable restraint, such as physically restraining a patient in a room or in bed, or they may use unnecessary chemical restraints such as sedatives. All of these methods of abuse can cause serious physical injuries to residents.
  • Verbal and emotional abuse - Staff members may yell or scream at a patient they believe is acting inappropriately. They may also mock or belittle a patient or isolate them from others. This type of abuse can have a serious impact on a person's mental well-being, leading to stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Sexual abuse - Nursing home residents with Alzheimer's or dementia are vulnerable to those who wish to take sexual advantage of others, since they may not fully understand what is happening, and they may not be able to inform others about the abuse. Sexual abuse can cause serious physical injuries, and a patient may contract sexually transmitted diseases. They are also likely to suffer emotional harm, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Financial exploitation - A person who suffers from dementia may not fully understand their finances, and this may lead staff members to take advantage of them. This could include convincing a patient to write checks or give away money, stealing a person's financial information, or creating credit card accounts or taking out loans in a person's name.

Contact a Hyde Park Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Your loved one deserves to be treated with empathy, kindness, and respect when residing in a nursing home, regardless of the state of their physical or mental health. If your family member suffers from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, you will want to be aware of the potential for nursing home abuse, and you should take immediate steps to address any harm that is done to them. Attorney David Kadzai can provide the legal help you need in these cases, and he will help you understand your options for holding a nursing home responsible for any abuse committed against your loved one.Contact us at 312-229-0050 to arrange your free consultation today. We assist with nursing home negligence cases in Chicago and Cook County, including Evergreen Park, Calumet Heights, Harvey, Burbank, Robbins, Jackson Park, Calumet City, Hyde Park, Bedford Park, Dolton, Dixmoor, Oak Lawn, Burnham, Riverdale, and Merrionette Park.

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