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South Side of Chicago Police Brutality Lawyer

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Attorney for Civil Rights Violations in Hyde Park and Throughout Cook County

In recent years, many people have been shocked by news stories about unjustified police shootings and other forms of police brutality, with many incidents being caught on video. While public awareness of this problem has increased, it continues to affect people, especially in the city of Chicago and the surrounding areas. The Chicago Police Department is known for the use of force, especially against minorities, as well as tactics such as torture during interrogations or coerced confessions. For those who have suffered personal injuries due to police brutality or whose civil rights have been violated, it is crucial to work with an attorney to determine how to hold police officers responsible for these illegal actions.

At the Kadzai Law Group, LLC, we understand the devastating toll that police brutality and civil rights violations can have on victims, their families, and the community as a whole. We can help protect your rights in these cases, and we will work to ensure you are fully compensated for the harm done to you and your family.

Forms of Police Brutality

Sadly, the excessive use of force by police officers is all too common. In many cases, a claim that a suspect is not complying with an officer's requests is seen as justification to wrestle them to the ground, strike them with police batons or flashlights, use pepper spray or tasers, or apply unnecessary chokeholds or strangleholds. These actions may be accompanied by verbal attacks or racial slurs. Once a person is subdued, they may suffer further injuries due to unreasonable restraints such as excessively tight handcuffs, or an officer may continue to strike or apply physical force against a person who is no longer a threat.

In addition to excessive force being used to subdue a suspect, police brutality can take other forms, including:

  • Gunshot injuries - Deadly force should only be used by police officers as a last resort, but all too often, officers draw their firearms and shoot at an unarmed suspect, while claiming that this was necessary because they were afraid for their life. Gunshot wounds are likely to result in severe injuries, disability, or wrongful death, and in addition to harming suspects, innocent bystanders may also be injured or killed by gunfire.
  • Police dog attacks - K-9 units are trained to subdue fleeing suspects, but if they are used unnecessarily, a person can suffer serious injuries. Dog bites can cause broken bones, damage to the muscles or internal organs, or severe scarring and disfigurement. When a person is knocked to the ground by a police dog, they may suffer traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, or other serious injuries.
  • Illegal searches and interrogations - Officers may take a variety of improper actions after arresting a suspect, including performing strip searches or body cavity searches, or even sexually assaulting a suspect. A person may also suffer harm during an interrogation in which an officer strikes, beats, or otherwise harms them in an attempt to extract a confession.
  • False arrest and imprisonment - Arresting a suspect on false pretenses, conducting illegal searches, falsifying evidence, or otherwise violating a person's rights to due process can result in significant harm. In addition to the emotional trauma caused to a person and their family by false imprisonment, victims in these cases may lose their job and suffer career setbacks, resulting in significant financial difficulty.

It is important to note that police brutality and civil rights violations are illegal regardless of whether a suspect is innocent or guilty. Even if a person is convicted of a crime, they can suffer serious harm due to police brutality, and they can take legal action to hold police officers and police departments responsible for these illegal actions.

Contact a Civil Rights Attorney on the South Side of Chicago

If your rights have been violated by police officers, or if you have experienced any form of police brutality, Attorney David Kadzai can help you understand your legal options, and he will work to help you achieve justice and correct these wrongs. To set up a free consultation, contact us today by calling 312-229-0050. We represent clients throughout Cook County, including Hyde Park, Oak Lawn, Calumet Heights, Jackson Park, Dixmoor, Harvey, Riverdale, Bedford Park, Burnham, Merrionette Park, Dolton, Evergreen Park, Calumet City, Robbins, and Burbank.

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