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Can I Pursue Compensation for a Medication Error in Illinois?

 Posted on September 11, 2020 in Medical Malpractice

South Side of Chicago medication error lawyerMany people take prescribed medication on a daily basis for a variety of health conditions. Individuals may also take medicine for a designated period of time after an illness or surgical procedure to combat the side effects or to avoid infections and other complications. Dosages are calculated using many factors, such as a patient’s height, weight, age, and underlying medical conditions. However, if the incorrect amount or the wrong type of medicine is given, a person can suffer serious injuries. In these cases, a physician, nurse, or pharmacist may be found liable for any damages a person experienced because of a medication error or other forms of medical malpractice

How Do Medication Mistakes Occur?

There are several reasons why medication errors take place. They may be the result of a lapse in judgment by the caregiver, or they can be due to an understaffed medical facility. Poor healthcare provider/patient communication, incomplete or missing medical records, and the absence of standardized precautions can also contribute to the likelihood of errors. It is important to note that a majority of medication administration errors occur in hospitalized children. This may be due to the fact that young people have never taken certain medicines before, so it can be difficult to determine an accurate dosage or prescription to give them. 

A few of the most common types of medication errors involve the following: 

  • Incorrect time of administration

  • Omission and wrong dose

  • Improper preparation

  • Incorrect administration rate for intravenous medication

The Consequences of Incorrect Prescriptions or Dosages

Although administering the wrong medicine or incorrect dosage may not produce adverse effects in some people, it can prove deadly for others. Depending on the circumstances, patients may suffer debilitating consequences if they are allergic to a certain medicine. For example, if someone is prescribed the wrong type of antibiotic, he or she could break out in skin hives or even go into anaphylactic shock, severely impacting his or her breathing. In other instances, a person given the wrong medicine can experience liver or kidney failure, paralysis, heart attack, or other devastating injuries.   

Contact a Hyde Park Personal Injury Lawyer

Most people trust that doctors and nurses are upholding their duty of care when prescribing medication or performing a medical procedure. However, in some cases, prescription or surgical errors can occur, resulting in serious consequences. If you or your loved one suffered harm because of a medical mistake, it is imperative that you seek professional legal guidance from Kadzai Law Group, LLC. Our tenacious Chicago medical malpractice attorney will help you establish liability for your damages and hold those who were responsible accountable for their actions. To arrange your free consultation, call us today at 312-229-0050. 



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