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South Side of Chicago Injury LawyerCar accidents involving large commercial trucks such as semi-trucks or 18-wheelers can be especially devastating. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles can cause a great deal of destruction, and serious injuries or fatalities are not uncommon. If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an accident involving a commercial truck, you may be exploring your legal options. A personal injury claim or wrongful death claim is often the best way to hold a negligent truck driver or carrier accountable and recover monetary damages.

When it comes to investigating an accident involving a commercial truck, one of the most important pieces of evidence is the data recorded by the vehicle’s "black box" or event data recorder (EDR).

What is an Event Data Recorder and What Does it Record?

An EDR is a device that records various metrics related to a truck’s operation. It is similar to the black box recorder on an airplane, and can be just as informative when investigating the cause of an accident. The data recorded by an EDR includes information such as speed, braking, acceleration, engine rpm, transmission shift points, and seat belt usage. It can also store data related to the truck’s overall performance such as tire pressure, distance traveled, fuel levels, and engine temperature.


chicago hazmat truck accident lawyerAn accident involving motor vehicles should not be taken lightly, more so if one of those vehicles is a hazmat truck. Since hazmat trucks pose a greater risk to those they share the road with, there are various federal regulations they must adhere to. Truck drivers and affiliated companies are responsible for accidents caused by equipment failure, unsecured cargo, reckless or distracted driving, as well as driving under the influence. If you have been involved in a hazmat truck accident, you may be in need of a personal injury lawyer.

FMCSA Truck Regulations 

It is important to note the danger a hazmat truck presents to the road. This additional level of danger can be credited to the obvious, hazmat trucks carry hazardous materials. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has defined 9 classes of hazardous materials a hazmat truck may be carrying; explosives, gasses, flammable liquid, flammable solids and spontaneously combustible materials, oxidizers and organic peroxides, toxic materials and infectious substances, radioactive materials, corrosive materials, as well as miscellaneous hazardous materials that are not included in the other categories. When materials such as gasoline and other combustible substances are spilled onto the road it may lead to slippery driving conditions or explosions. Incidents involving hazardous spills can result in car pile-ups, untreatable injuries, and fatalities. Even if you are not directly involved in the accident, airborne hazardous toxic gasses can travel miles away from the site of the leak, and exposure to these gasses can lead to lifelong respiratory ailments and neurological conditions. 

Filing a Personal Injury Claim 

The good news is that there is help available in the event of injury. Physical, emotional, and vehicular damages may entitle you to compensation. With the help of a lawyer, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed. Because legal processes can be confusing, a personal injury attorney can help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, determine liability, and file a personal injury lawsuit if deemed necessary. It’s vital to do so in the timeframe of two years following the accident, as the Illinois statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is just two years.


Hyde Park truck accident lawyers18-wheeler trucks and other commercial vehicles are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. Because of this, truck accidents are likely to lead to serious injuries or wrongful death. While there are many reasons why these types of collisions may occur, driver fatigue is one of the most common problems that can affect safety on the road. Drivers, passengers, or others who are injured in collisions with commercial trucks will want to determine who was responsible, and with the help of an attorney, they can take action to recover financial compensation for their injuries.

Common Causes of Truck Driver Fatigue

Drowsiness and fatigue can be dangerous for any driver. If a person is drowsy, they will be much more likely to miss important details, and they may be unable to react in time to changing conditions on the road. If a person gets two fewer hours of sleep than normal, they will experience effects similar to drinking three alcoholic beverages, and going for 20 hours without sleep is generally considered equivalent to being legally intoxicated. Those who experience fatigue are three times more likely to become involved in a collision. For truck drivers who must remain in full control of a vehicle that weighs tens of thousands of pounds, drowsiness can be deadly.

There are many different reasons why truck drivers may become fatigued, including:

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