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Do Not Make These Mistakes in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

 Posted on January 23, 2024 in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Chicago, IL nursing home abuse lawyerSuppose you recently discovered that your parent is being abused in a nursing home. It is among the most devastating situations a person can find themselves in. In that case, hiring a lawyer in Illinois and taking legal action against the responsible parties is crucial to protect your loved one and seek justice. However, navigating the legal process carefully is essential to avoid common mistakes that could potentially harm your case. Here are some critical mistakes to avoid in a nursing home abuse case. 

Mistake #1 – Delaying Action

Time is a precious commodity in nursing home abuse cases. It is important to take immediate action upon discovering the abuse. Document the evidence of the abuse, report the abuse to the necessary authorities, and consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Delaying action can weaken the case and allow the abuse to continue. 

Mistake #2 – Not Documenting All the Evidence 

Proper documentation is crucial in nursing home abuse cases. Document any signs of abuse, including photographs of injuries, written descriptions of incidents, and any witness statements if such statements are available. Keep a detailed record of dates, times, and specific incidents. This evidence will be important when it comes time to establish liability and seek compensation. 

Mistake #3 – Not Reporting the Abuse

You may feel a sense of shock or disbelief upon learning or discovering yourself that your parent is being abused. It is important not to let this shock stop you from reporting the abuse to appropriate authorities, such as the nursing home administration, local law enforcement, and state regulatory agencies. Failure to report the abuse can not only harm your parent but also hinder the investigation.

Mistake #4 – Not Seeking Medical Attention 

If your parent has suffered physical injuries or is showing signs of being abused or neglected, seek immediate medical attention so a healthcare professional can address any physical abnormalities. Moreover, seeking medical attention for your parent can also provide documented evidence of the harm they have suffered. 

Mistake #5 – Settling Too Quickly

It is important not to rush into a settlement without fully understanding the extent of the abuse and the long-term effects it may have on your parent’s physical and emotional health. Work closely with your attorney to determine the appropriate compensation to seek and consider all available legal options before accepting a settlement offer.

Contact Our Chicago, IL Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Remember, every nursing home abuse case is unique. Discuss with your lawyer how to best navigate your case. Contact the experienced Hyde Park, IL nursing home abuse lawyer with Kadzai Law Group, LLC. Call 312-229-0050 for a free consultation. 


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