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How Can Hours of Service Affect My Illinois Truck Crash Claim?

 Posted on June 24, 2024 in Truck Accidents

IL injury lawyerAlmost any job you can think of has a set of rules for employees to follow. Whether you work for a giant multinational corporation or a fast-food restaurant, whether you are a professional athlete or a babysitter, there are specific rules you are expected to follow. Truck drivers are no different. Handling such large vehicles that carry all sorts of cargo to various destinations comes with benefits as well as responsibilities.

A negligent truck driver making silly mistakes on the road could end up causing a serious and possibly even fatal accident, and there are many regulations truck drivers are required to abide by that are aimed at trying to ensure the safety of those drivers and everyone else on the road. One of these sets of rules is called “Hours of Service.” It places a limit on the number of hours a trucker is legally allowed to drive consecutively and when he must take breaks. The rationale behind these rules is that they can help prevent people who are too tired to drive safely from getting on the road. If you were injured in a truck accident, speak with a skilled Hyde Park, IL personal injury attorney who can help determine whether the hours of service were violated and fight for your maximum compensation.

How Effective Are Hours of Service?

There is nothing wrong with the manager of a trucking company being motivated by profit. However, that might make them encourage their drivers to take on longer shifts so they can deliver goods quicker and take on more delivery jobs per month. Unfortunately, this pressure to stay on the road longer can lead to tired drivers behind the wheel, which can, in turn, lead to accidents.

Hours of service regulations differ depending on whether you are transporting people or products. There are specifics for how long a break you need to take the first time you stop after coming on duty, how often you need to take a break, and how long you can drive before you are required to take a break. If a driver is found in violation of these regulations, there are consequences to face: 

  • The truck can be detained and not allowed to continue moving until the driver has had the minimum required rest time. This can lead to further delivery delays.
  • The driver can be given a fine of up to several thousand dollars.
  • The trucking company can be given heavy penalties and fines.

Companies want to keep their drivers on the road for longer than is considered safe because they want to increase their profits. The knowledge that doing so can result in delayed deliveries and heavy fines, thus decreasing the company’s profits, should act as a deterrent and motivate drivers to take breaks and stay off the road when they are too tired to drive safely.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Chicago, IL Truck Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in a truck accident, speak with a dedicated South Side of Chicago, IL personal injury lawyer to see whether you have a case for an hours of service violation. At Kadzai Law Group, LLC, we advocate compassionately for our clients when they are left to deal with property damage and injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Call us at 312-229-0050 so we can fight for you.

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