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Report: ‘Unprecedented Number’ of Excessive Force Complaints from Last Summer’s Protests

 Posted on August 10, 2021 in Civil Rights

Chicago Civl Rights AttorneyA new report recently filed in federal court against the Chicago Police Department concluded the department was unprepared to effectively handle the massive protests that took place after the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last summer. The report cites what is referred to as an “unprecedented number” of complaints against the department for excessive force and numerous other violations.

Lack of Preparation by Chicago Police

The report was prepared by an independent monitoring team put in place to ensure that the Chicago Police Department is in compliance with the federal consent decree put in place by the Attorney General’s office. The consent decree provides a detailed plan for reforms that both the City of Chicago and the police department must implement.

The report found that the department did not have the necessary policies and tools in place to respond effectively to the protests. The monitoring team found that not only did the department fail to predict how widespread the protests would be, but it also did not have the necessary training, equipment, reporting practices, community engagement, data analysis, or interagency coordination in place even if they had been prepared.

Violence Directed at Protestors

Over the past year, the monitoring team held multiple sessions where the public was allowed to speak. Many members of the public who participated described incidents where police beat them with batons and shot them in the face with pepper spray. Speakers also described how police not only mocked their cause but also used racial and homophobic slurs. Victims described officers using excessive force as a way to escalate the violence and then covering their nameplates and badges so they could not be identified.

This is not the first report that cites the failure of the Chicago Police Department during last summer’s protests. In February, the inspector general of Chicago issued a report that found both city and police officials mishandled almost every aspect of the city’s response, failing both the public and its own front-line police and emergency responders.

The inspector general concluded that the failure resulted in two parties never being held accountable: the individuals who destroyed property and looted stores and the police who punched and kicked protestors.

Contact a Hyde Park Injury Attorney for Help

The monitoring team’s report states both the city and the police department must implement policies that limit force and violence against the public and that protect First Amendment speech. The report emphasizes just how much work and how much change is needed to obtain what should be considered basic police policy.

If you have been a victim of police brutality or your civil rights have been violated, a seasoned Chicago civil rights attorney can help. Contact the Kadzai Law Group, LLC at 312-229-0050 to schedule a free consultation and find out what legal recourse you may have.





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