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Truck Black Box Data Can Be Instrumental in a Personal Injury Claim

 Posted on March 03, 2023 in Truck Accidents

South Side of Chicago Injury LawyerCar accidents involving large commercial trucks such as semi-trucks or 18-wheelers can be especially devastating. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles can cause a great deal of destruction, and serious injuries or fatalities are not uncommon. If you were injured or a loved one was killed in an accident involving a commercial truck, you may be exploring your legal options. A personal injury claim or wrongful death claim is often the best way to hold a negligent truck driver or carrier accountable and recover monetary damages.

When it comes to investigating an accident involving a commercial truck, one of the most important pieces of evidence is the data recorded by the vehicle’s "black box" or event data recorder (EDR).

What is an Event Data Recorder and What Does it Record?

An EDR is a device that records various metrics related to a truck’s operation. It is similar to the black box recorder on an airplane, and can be just as informative when investigating the cause of an accident. The data recorded by an EDR includes information such as speed, braking, acceleration, engine rpm, transmission shift points, and seat belt usage. It can also store data related to the truck’s overall performance such as tire pressure, distance traveled, fuel levels, and engine temperature.

How Can Event Data Recorder Information Help My Claim?

EDR information is invaluable when it comes to proving liability in a personal injury or wrongful death truck accident claim. An experienced attorney can use this data to determine how the accident occurred, and who was at fault. For instance, if the data shows that the truck driver was speeding at the time of the collision, then it can be used as evidence of the driver's negligence during the claim.

Evidence Preservation in a Commercial Truck Accident Case

EDR data may improve your chances of winning a claim and recovering compensation. However, this data can be lost or destroyed fairly quickly if the truck’s black box is not downloaded soon after the accident. A skilled personal injury lawyer may use a spoliation letter to ensure that all relevant evidence is preserved. A professionally constructed spoliation letter notifies a party, such as a trucking company or insurance company, that litigation is pending or may be pending. The letter instructs the party to preserve any electronic or physical evidence that may be related to the case. If the party refuses to preserve evidence or intentionally destroys evidence, the court can impose sanctions and other serious consequences against the party.

Contact our Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers

If you or someone close to you was involved in a crash with an 18-wheeler or other commercial truck, contact our Hyde Park personal injury attorneys for help. Our knowledgeable legal team is highly experienced in commercial truck accident cases, and we know how to gather, preserve, and use evidence to build the strongest case possible. Call us at 312-229-0050 and set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation.




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