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What Are the Top Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Illinois?

 Posted on May 03, 2022 in Personal Injury

south-side-chicago-accident-lawyer.jpgAs the weather warms up in the spring and summer and people begin to spend more time outdoors, the number of pedestrians on the roads will increase. Unfortunately, this means that pedestrian accidents will be more likely to occur. Pedestrians who are struck by cars or trucks are likely to experience multiple types of severe injuries, and in many cases, these accidents are fatal. By understanding the reasons that these types of accidents occur, injury victims can determine who was responsible, and they can take action to recover financial compensation that will address their injuries and other damages.

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Data released by the Illinois Department of Transportation for 2020 shows that while pedestrians were involved in only 1.3 percent of all motor vehicle accidents, these accidents accounted for 15.8 percent of fatal crashes and 5.8 percent of crashes involving injuries. The risks that pedestrians face are significant, and some of the most common factors that play a role in pedestrian accidents include:

  • Alcohol use - Around 46 percent of all fatal pedestrian accidents involve some consumption of alcohol by either a driver or pedestrian. While pedestrians may be at higher risk of being injured if they have consumed alcohol, drivers who are intoxicated are much more likely to cause injuries to others. Drunk driving significantly affects a driver’s ability to notice and respond to pedestrians, and an intoxicated driver is much more likely to inflict serious or fatal injuries in a collision.

  • Visibility - 76 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents take place after dark. There are many factors that may affect a driver’s ability to see pedestrians and avoid collisions. Drivers who are not fully paying attention to the road are more likely to fail to notice pedestrians who are crossing the road or walking near where a vehicle is driving. Insufficient lighting may also be a factor in some cases, and pedestrian accidents may occur if a city or municipality has not taken steps to ensure that roads and intersections are properly lighted.

  • Vehicle speed - Higher speeds increase the likelihood that pedestrians will be struck by vehicles. Drivers who exceed the speed limit may be unable to slow down in time to avoid people who are crossing the road, and vehicles that travel at high speeds are likely to inflict severe injuries on pedestrians.

Contact Our Hyde Park Pedestrian Accident Attorney

On the busy streets of Chicago, pedestrians are at risk of being seriously injured when they are involved in accidents. In the vast majority of cases, these accidents occur because of driver negligence. Drivers who violate traffic laws or drive unsafely can seriously harm pedestrians, and they should be held liable for the injuries and damages suffered by victims. At Kadzai Law Group, LLC, we provide representation for pedestrians who have been injured, and in addition to pursuing compensation from negligent drivers, we can identify any other parties who were responsible, such as a city government that failed to ensure that streets or intersections were safe for pedestrians. To learn how we can help you recover financial compensation for your injuries, contact our South Side of Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer at 312-229-0050 for a free consultation.





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